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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Thursday, March 10 will be my mother’s, Mary Ellen Greene, 77th birthday.

I wanted to take my column space this week to write a special “Happy Birthday” to her.

In growing up, as a child, we all learn different aspects of life from our parents. The mother’s role and the father’s role are two totally different teachings.

From my father I learned how to work hard, save a penny and to always strive for better in life.

However, from my Mother I learned the softer side of life.  She showed me how a mother is supposed to be to her children….and I can only hope that I did/am doing even half as good of a job as she did in raising me.

So many lessons I’ve learned through the years that I try to implement in my everyday life; lessons on life itself and lessons about being a mother.

My Mother is one of the most Christian, caring, sweetest and generous women that I know. She rarely raised her voice to/at us, she never cussed (at all), never argued and never spoke badly of anyone.  She always told us, “If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.”

From her, I learned the importance of a sweet heart, a caring spirit and a giving attitude.  She taught me how to find a silver lining in any situation and she taught me the lesson of “making memories” with my children. She knew the importance of enjoying life, one day at a time and tried to instill that into us, as well.

As an adult, whenever I was torn between different things to do or if I was undecided in decision making, she would always ask me, “Will (this) really matter in 10 years?”  With the answer to that one question I could always make my decision on what I needed to do and how to handle it.

One of my fondest memories of growing up is my Mom sitting on the side of my bed, scratching my back and singing me to sleep at night. Each night I would fall asleep to songs of “The Old Rugged Cross,” “Amazing Grace” and “How Great Thou Art.”

Mothers are given to us for nurturing, gentleness and love.  She is the one to kiss away our tears, hug away our fears and to listen with a kind, open heart to our worries and troubles. My Mother was/is all of those things.

When all is said and done – and we’re buried six foot underground – our riches and values will be forgotten.  But, we will always be remembered for how we lived our life and how we treated others. My Mother is a shining example of how I hope to live my life and be as kind and loving as she is.

Happy Birthday Mom! I Love You!

I’m So Glad God Picked You To Be My Mother!!!!

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