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Halloween safety

Latest data shows that there are 10,300 fires during the three-day period around Halloween. These fires cause about 25 deaths, 125 injuries and $83 million in property loss. Let’s make our communities safer during Halloween by following these fire safety tips: Choose a costume without long trailing fabric. This can cause a child to trip or may touch flames in jack-o’-lanterns or other decorations. If you make your own costume, use materials that won’t catch on fire easily if they come in contact with heat or flames. Give your children flashlights or glow sticks so they can see where they are walking. Keep decorations away from candles, light bulbs or heaters. Consider using flameless candles or glow sticks in your jack-o’-lantern. Keep doorways (exits) clear of decorations. Remember that fire is everyone's fight! Any group(s) that would like to have someone come out and speak about any fire safety topics, please contact Fire Chief Bruce Jordan at (850) 253-5117 or email:

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