Halloween Comes To Old County Camp Road

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Wendy Branch celebrates holidays in a big way and Halloween is no exception. She has decorations on every part of her house and in every part of her yard. There are blow up witches and ghosts (and a new addition of an entryway to a spook house); ghosts and skeletons hanging from trees and fences; messages of ‘Happy Halloween’ and ‘Enter if you Dare’ posted on her house and windows and a few nods to fall in the way of burnished orange and scarlet blushed leaves that are her favorite, welcoming you when you pull into her drive.
Branch has been planning for Halloween since March and neighborhood kids will be super happy when they visit her this Friday night, starting around 6 p.m., when she hands out bags stuffed with sweet treats, juice barrels, stickers, pencils and whatever else Branch has found to treat the children with. She is known for her generosity, especially with food, and will also have hotdogs for the trick-or-treaters, ensuring there will be no tricks played on her this Halloween.
Wendy Branch wishes everyone a very safe and fun Halloween!
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Rose Klein

Written by Rose Klein