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Greenville Town Council meets

The Greenville Town Council met on Monday, March 9 at Town Hall at 6 p.m. The meeting was kicked off when Acting Town Manager Jim Parrish addressed the council about the process for Town Manager applicants. Parrish announced that, after advertising for the position, the town had received a total of nine resumes and, as it appears, they meet the minimum requirements. “The candidates offer a wide variety of experience and they come from a wide geographic area,” said Parrish. “At this point, what I want to know is how you want to proceed.” The council decided Parrish needed to contact the applicants and check to see if they were still interested in the position, as well as to inform them of the salary being offered. They agreed that once the applicants knew the salary, some would no longer be interested while others would. The council asserted that once Parrish weeded out the remaining applicants, to notify them and a special workshop would be scheduled to discuss the interview process. Next on the agenda was the discussion and possible authorization for Town Attorney, Christine Thurman, to proceed with legal action on abandoned properties in Greenville. The problem is owners have moved away and left their properties to fall apart-- the Town of Greenville has, in the past, sent nuisance letters to the owners, with no response. The council proceeded to vote that Thurman begin to take legal action. The next, and last, line item was to discuss, and possibly approve, North Florida Child Development's request for a letter of support. Town Clerk, Kim Reams informed the council that, as part of the grant application process for government funding, the North Florida Child Development Council wished to include a letter of support from the Town of Greenville, vouching their [the NFCDC's] continued service is necessary and beneficial to the Madison County area. The council unanimously passed the request.

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