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Greenville Town Council meeting

Newly elected council members gathered at the Greenville Town Council meeting on Monday, April 11, with much to discuss.

After new council members Brandi Seabrook, Joi Collins and Kovacherich Arnold were sworn in, the mayor and vice mayor were elected. A motion was made for Barbara Dansey to remain as the mayor but this motion died without a second. As a result, Calvin Malone was voted in as the new mayor with a vote of 3-2. Arnold was voted in as vice mayor with a vote of 3-2.

Clay Schnitker, Town Attorney, informed the council members of the Sunshine Law, a state law that prohibits council members engaging in discussion of town business outside of public meetings, whether through email, text or out in public. Schnitker also told the council members that emails exchanged with the Town Manager, Town Clerk or any citizens are public record and must not be deleted.

During citizen participation, a citizen came forward to and inform the council members that there is a sharp curve on SW Overbrook St. and Capan St. She stated that a speed bump is in place but many drivers don't slow down for the bump. The council members agreed to look over the issue.

Another citizen took to the podium next, informing the council of her concerns about her neighbor on Brooksville Trail. The neighbor has moved his “junkyard” business to his yard that has caused a “public nuisance,” according to the citizen. Town Manager Kim Reams agreed to look into the ordinance for the clear definition of “public nuisance” and action will be taken against the neighbor if a violation is occurring.

Seward Hamilton  came to the council members with a request to write a letter of support to be apart of a grant proposal for the Department of Health and Human Services. The grant will provide a grocery store to Greenville, along with 16 to 18 jobs. The council members all agreed to write a letter of support.

Moving on to the agenda, Alan Whigham, Director of Madison County Emergency Management, gave the council an updated Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS), which basically states that if an emergency occurs, the state and federal government will provide Greenville with funding in order to recover from the emergency. The council members approved the LMS.

Next on the agenda was the approval for the resolution recognizing the Madison County High School Cowgirls basketball team for being declared State Champions. This resolution was approved unanimously. The council members all agreed to present the resolution to the Cowgirls during a banquet for the Cowgirls that will be held on Thursday, May 19. This was approved 5-0.

The council then scheduled a public hearing for the next meeting for recommended road closures.

Reams then presented a letter that requested the Veterans of Former Wars (VFW) Post 251 to be permitted to sell dinners in Haffye Hayes Park, with the proceeds going to the VFW of Greenville. The dinners will be sold on the first and second Friday of each month, starting May 6 and ending in October. The council approved this request.

The council agreed to donate $100 to the MCHS Project Grad. They also discussed giving a contribution to a trip to Lego Land for Greenville Elementary students who have displayed positive academic behavior. There was a motion to give $100 to GES but the motion died and the donation amount was raised to $250.

Last on the agenda was the discussion of the town manager position, which has previously raised a lot of tensions throughout the council.

The charter states that Reams cannot hold two positions and is in violation of a state law. After much heated discussion, the council made the decision to hire a new town manager.

In department reports, JC Fead informed the council that the fire hydrant on 221 South, that was previously hit in a car accident, has now been hit by a log truck; the hydrant must be moved to a different area to prevent further accidents. Fead and the Greenville Volunteer Fire Department will discuss options.

The next Greenville Town Council meeting will be held on Monday, May 9 at 6 p.m.

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