Greenville Swears In New Town Council Members

Screen shot 2014-03-18 at 12.47.13 PMBy Lynette Norris
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The Town Council of Greenville met in special session March 13, to swear in Town Council members after the Tuesday elections. Town Clerk Kim Reams swore in Elesta Pritchett, Council Group 2, Alphonso Young, Council Group 5, and returning incumbent, Kovacherich Arnold, who ran unopposed for the Council Group 1 seat.
With that formality taken care of, the council members settled down to the items of business on the agenda, namely, voting on a new mayor and vice mayor.  Current Mayor Kovacherich Arnold called for nominations.
At first, none were forthcoming, but then there was some disagreement as to whether or not council member Elesta Pritchett could self-nominate under Robert’s Rules of Order, and whether or not things would remain unchanged for lack of nominations, meaning Arnold would continue as mayor, a point also disputed under Robert’s Rules.
Attorney Christine Thurman, attending via teleconference, sorted out the procedure questions (i.e., that a council member could self-nominate), but not before a motion was made and passed to name Arnold as mayor.
A recall of the vote was allowable, which would grant the council a “do-over,” but the motion to recall the vote failed 2/3.  Arnold remained the mayor, per the original vote.
The council voted Barbara Dansey, Council Group 3, the new vice mayor.
After voting to name the mayor and vice mayor as the official signatories on the Town of Greenville bank accounts, the council adjourned.
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Lynette Norris

Written by Lynette Norris