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Greenville Public Works: small town heroes

The Town of Greenville's Public Works Department holds many responsibilities; from sanitation to street maintenance, water, animal control, grounds keeping, sewer and garbage. They even serve as first responders for Greenville's Volunteer Fire Department. J.C. Fead is Public Works Supervisor, making sure operations run smoothly and the Town of Greenville is well taken care of. His group of men, Joseph Jackson, Ricky Grumity, Wayne Malone and Mike Miller, work alongside him and, together, they share a strong bond and a love for the Town of Greenville which doesn't go unnoticed. Fead has lived in Greenville his entire life. According to him, his favorite part of the job is keeping the town clean. “This is my community and I take pride in that,” said Fead. “We try to stay focused on the water and sewer department-- it's very important. If something goes wrong people could lose their water.” Fead added, “We have a wonderful staff. From our city clerk to our secretary, we all get along and work great together.”

Ricky Grumity is from Monticello, Fl., but moved to Greenville when he got married. He enjoys clowning around with the guys and picking on each other. Together, the men have formed a unique bond. “I really enjoy being in Greenville,” said Grumity. Wayne Malone is a life long resident of Greenville and enjoys the spontaneity of working for the town. “You don't know what's going to happen,” said Malone. “There is a new experience from day to day.” He also enjoys the freedom the job offers, allowing him to stay busy and go from place to place instead of being cooped up in an office. Mike Miller is also a life long resident of Greenville, and enjoys spending time with the guys. “We all get along,” said Miller. He claims the best part about working for the Town of Greenville is the way the community treats them. According to Miller, everyone is friendly and kind and it's a great atmosphere to work in. Joseph Jackson, a Greenville resident, also enjoys the bond shared between the men of Public Works. “My favorite part of the job is when we arrive in the morning and are just talking trash to each other,” said Jackson. “We make the boss man angry sometimes and we have fun, but we work hard and get the job done.”

It is evident that the men of Greenville's Public Works love their town, their community and working hard to make sure the citizens are well taken care of. “We turn down no calls,” said Public Works Supervisor J.C. Fead. “We're here to work hard and do our job to the best of our ability.”

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1. Greene Publishing, Inc. Photo By Savannah Reams, July 8, 2015. Greenville Public Works Department works hard to keep their community clean, safe and healthy. Pictured, from left to right, are: Joseph Jackson, J.C. Fead, Ricky Grumity, Wayne Malone and Mike Miller.

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