Greenville Man Charged With Battering Deputy

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By Fran Hunt
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A Greenville man was recently arrested and charged after battering a Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputy.
The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office reported that on Feb. 17, Deputy Dan Williams was on patrol on North Railroad Street where he observed a silver-colored Mercury circling the Ash Street and North Wirick Street neighborhood. Williams pulled up behind the vehicle and ran the Florida temporary tag. When the information came back from dispatch, the vehicle was on Chestnut Street, where it pulled onto the north sidewalk and stopped next to a “No Parking” sign.
Deputy Williams pulled up and exited his vehicle. He walked up to the driver’s side of the vehicle; identified himself, and explained to the driver he could not park on the sidewalk. The deputy also informed the driver, identified as Tobe Cain, III, 26, of Greenville, that he was parked in front of a “No Parking” sign. Cain said the deputy had no reason to mess with him, and he could park there if he wanted. The deputy then asked Cain and his passenger, Chaddrick Black, for their identification. Black refused to show the identification, at which time Cain and Black became very argumentative.
Deputy Williams shined his flashlight toward Cain’s face who said, “You have an attitude,” and slapped the deputy’s left hand hard, almost causing the flashlight to fall out of his hand. The deputy opened the door and instructed Cain to get out of the car. Cain refused and grabbed the steering wheel with his right hand. Deputy Williams pulled him out of the vehicle before Cain could attempt to drive off. The deputy, holding on to Cain’s left wrist, on three occasions, ordered Cain to the ground. Cain refused so the deputy attempted to force him to the ground. Williams wrestled with Cain until Cain punched the deputy on his left cheek, causing the fight to escalate.
Deputy Dustin Matthews tased Cain in the back, at which point, Cain went to the ground. Deputy Williams attempted to handcuff Cain, but Cain would not place his hands behind his back and attempted to get back up. Deputy Matthews tased Cain again resulting in Cain putting his left hand behind his back, but then refused to put his right hand behind his back. Deputy Williams attempted to force Cain’s hand back to handcuff him and instructed Deputy Matthews to tase Cain again. Cain put his hand behind his back to keep from being tased a third time.
After being placed under arrest, Cain complained en route to the jail that he needed medical attention. Deputy Williams contacted Jefferson County EMS to check out both Cain and himself. Both had sustained minor injuries, but neither required transport to the hospital for treatment.
Cain was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, and resisting an officer with violence. A total bond of $12,500 was set and he bonded out of jail the same day.
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