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Greenville Library holds story time

Every Wednesday at 10:30 a.m., the Greenville Library holds their story time reading. The library’s Youth Coordinator, Krystal Togeiro, runs the program.

Togeiro is an energetic addition to the engaging books, music and dancing that is offered during story time.

On Wednesday, March 9, Bright Beginnings Daycare, a Greenville based childcare business, brought eight of their students to story time.

Togeiro started the session out by playing music for the children to dance to and ‘shake their sillies out.’

The song provided a lesson in following provided directions, as it called for the children to stretch, jump or dance on cue.

After the song ended, the eight children took their place on their own individual alphabet mat while Togeiro read from the first book, Stanley Goes Fishing by Craig Frazier.

While reading to the children, Togeiro paused frequently to ask questions and engage the attention of her young audience.

At the end of the first book, Togeiro passed out homemade instruments such as tambourines and drums to the children and invited them to ‘make music.’

Pausing in between readings helped the students focus more and kept their attentions from wavering too far as the breaks provided an outlet for their energies to be displayed.

After the music session, Togeiro read another book, Who Sank the Boat? by Pamela Allen.

Inviting her audience to participate in the storytelling, Togeiro passed out animal cutouts for the children to hold and place on a felt board as she read the name of that animal.

It was an interactive story, as Togeiro also posed questions and encouraged her audience to discover the identity of the animal who sank the boat before the story ended.

After reading the final page, the children were invited to color their own boats, as both of the stories focused around boats and water.

The story time reading is one of the few child-geared activates that Greenville has on a weekly basis and Togeiro expressed concerns as Bright Beginnings daycare is one of their most frequent participants and the Daycare is soon to close.

“There isn’t much for kids to do around here,” said Togeiro.

Children of any age group are invited to participate in the weekly story readings and activities at the Greenville Library, which is located at 1325 SW Main St. in Greenville.

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