Greenville Evangelist Geneva Morris To Lead First Ever “March For Jesus”

By Lynette Norris
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Geneva Morris, describing herself as an evangelist, first approached the Greenville Town Council at their May 12 meeting to ask permission to hold the first ever “March For Jesus” in downtown Greenville.  The council agreed that it sounded like a good idea, but suggested that she run it by the Madison County Sheriff’s Office to make sure there would be no safety or security issues as the march proceeded through the streets.
Morris, who holds regular religious services on Greenville’s Main Street, spoke to the sheriff’s office as requested and returned to the June meeting to report that not only had the sheriff approved the march, he had  praised her effort, said that it was something that he was very happy about, and that was “very much needed in Greenville.”
“It’s something I’ve never done before,” Morris told the council members.  “It’s something the sheriff said had never been done before.”
There were various holiday parades and patriotic marches, “But there’s never been a march for Jesus,”  she said, and it was something she hoped would become an annual tradition in the town, a way to give back to Him.
“If I die, I hope somebody will take up the torch,” she added.
The March For Jesus is Saturday, July 12, beginning at 10 a.m.  Marchers will gather in front of the FMB Bank in Greenville to begin the march.  There will be a service afterward at 1809 SW Main Street.
In a letter she plans to send out to area churches inviting people to participate, she writes:  “I pray that every church that receives this letter will come out and help me lift up the name of Jesus to the lost sheep of Israel…to show them the love of Christ that is in us…the harvest is truly plentiful, but the laborers are few.”
The council voted to approve the march.Screen shot 2014-06-12 at 12.38.24 PM
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Lynette Norris

Written by Lynette Norris