Greenville Citizens Vote On Town Charter Amendments

By Jacob Bembry
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People in the Town of Greenville went to the polls on Tuesday, March 11, to vote to either change the way the town charter is set up or keep it the same.
Three amendments were voted on that day. The first was Amendment Section 2.07 (a) and it declares that the office of a council member will become vacant in accordance with general law if the member is absent from three regular and/or special Council meetings within a 12-month period, without being excused by the Council prior to the member’s third absence.
Amendment 2.07(a) just did squeak by, getting 29 votes in favor of it and 22 votes in opposition.
The second amendment on the ballot was Amendment Section 3.04, which denotes the power and responsibilities of the Greenville Town Manager. It grants the Town Manager the authority to designate the Town Clerk or other qualified town employees the ability to perform the duties of the Town Manager in case of the temporary absence or disability of the Town Manager. If the Town Manager position is vacant, the Town Council will be able to appoint the Town Clerk or any qualified town employee to temporarily serve as Town Manager. It also has a proviso for commensurate compensation for the additional duties and responsibilities, until the time a permanent Town Manager is hired.
Amendment Section 3.04 also squeaked by, getting 27 votes to 24 votes for a three-vote margin.
The final amendment on the ballot was for Amendment Section 4, which has the Town of Greenville using gender neutral language; for instance, “councilman” would become “council member” and “he” would become “he/she.”
Amendment Section 4 passed with 33 votes for and 18 votes against.
A total of 51 Greenville citizens voted in the election.
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Jacob Bembry

Written by Jacob Bembry