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Greenville bank heist led by former Miami policeman

Jacob Bembry: Greene Publishing, Inc.

Three people, including a Miami policeman, reportedly robbed the bank in Greenville on June 24, 1931. Foster Sloan, the former policeman, along with Audrey Logan and Yates Haden were held in jail in Ft. Lauderdale before they could be picked up by Madison County Sheriff Leonard Morrow to await trial in Madison.

Police Detective Sgt. E.W. Melchen, of the Miami Police Department, said that Sloan had previously been employed as a law officer in the South Florida city. He had left the department eleven years prior.

Ft. Lauderdale officers said that Sloan was identified by T.P. McLeod, Jr., as the man who held a gun to his side and forced him to lie on the floor as the bank was robbed. The bank robbers got a total of $999.45 in cash.

McLeod accompanied Sheriff Morrow to Ft. Lauderdale so he could identify the suspects in the bank heist.

It was learned from the officers in Ft. Lauderdale that Sloan had a police record and was awaiting trial for the shooting of Mrs. M.X. Shaw, a filling station proprietor in Broward County.

At the hearing on July 10, Foster Sloan and Yates Haden were ordered to be sent to the grand jury. Audrey Logan was released and charges were dropped against her.

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