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Greenville appoints new town manager

Although the agenda was short, with only three items up for discussion, the council members had much to talk about during the town council meeting of Greenville on Monday, Jan. 11. After the approval of the minutes for the Dec. 14 meeting, Grants Consultant Jim Parrish took to the podium to inform the council members about the loan agreement with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for the wastewater treatment plant improvements. This loan would cover Phase II of the new wastewater treatment plant and after approval would go out to bid. The entire wastewater project will  be put out to bid at one time, according to Parrish, and save the town time and money in the long run. The council members approved the loan unanimously.

Town Manager Tim Day brought forth the new disaster and recovery plan to the council, as Greenville has not had one before. Day took pieces of the county, city and FEMA disaster plans to compile an efficient plan for the Town of Greenville during major storms or other disastrous events. The plan has outlined procedures for managers, payment plans and other important roles. Day announced that hard copies of the plan have been given to town hall, the fire department and public works. The disaster and recovery plan was approved 4-0 by the town council.

It was a bittersweet moment during the next item up for discussion on the agenda as Day announced that he was resigning. “I appreciate the opportunity to be here,” said Day to the council. “We did get a lot done.” Day will be the new town manager of Melbourne Beach.

The council's charter states that when the town manager resigns, the town clerk becomes the new town manager. The council agreed to advertise the position later but appointed Town Clerk Kim Reams as the acting town manager. Reams stated that she would not be able to handle any economic development issues, but she would be happy to act as an administrator until a permanent town manager is found.

Because the charter does not discuss salary issues, the council opened up discussion regarding that issue. Reams requested that the council add an additional $25,000 to her current salary because she would be working two positions as both town clerk and town manager. Reams assured the council that after a permanent town manager filled the role, she would continue working as town clerk and go back to her original salary. After much debate between the council members, the salary issue was resolved and Reams' request was approved 3-1.

To conclude the meeting, public works presented their department reports. Public works supervisor JC Fead informed the council that the wastewater pump was still having issues and a solution needs to be found. Day told the council he would gather more information about the price of a new pump and discuss it with the council later.

The fire department announced that the American Red Cross would be coming to the station on Saturday, Feb. 6. The American Red Cross will be supplying smoke detectors and the fire department will be installing smoke detectors in residents' homes. During this time, any Greenville resident who is in dire need of a smoke detector can come up to the fire department and give the station their name and address. Requests will be taken from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m on Feb. 6.

The fire department also announced that they received a new engine for their firetruck but thankfully, have not had a fire in town in order to test the engine out.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, Feb. 8 at 6 p.m.

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