God, Guitar And Gumption

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Children possess huge amounts of imagination and fearlessness; combine these traits with determination and a desire to achieve, and success is inevitable. Adults oftentimes second guess themselves and live life with many reservations. Perhaps if we strived to see the world through a child’s eyes once more, we could accomplish the unimaginable.
Zachary Townsend is a kid who many people could learn from. He has big dreams and works very hard to achieve them. Zach is the son of Brian and Julie Townsend of Madison, and attends First Baptist Church where he plays guitar during services. 10 year old Zachary has been playing the guitar for three years now. He is developing a sure-fire knack for it. Zach is an example of someone who dedicates time to pursuing his passions. In addition to his guitar lessons with music teacher, Jay Hicks, he is a hard-working 5th grader at Madison Academy.
“The guitar is a really cool instrument to me,” said Townsend. “It is probably my favorite out of all of the instruments.”
While most adults can barely squeeze in time to eat or sleep, kids these days somehow manage to take on school, sports practices, homework and extra-curricular lessons and activities with ease. Zachary is no different. While he has a passion for playing guitar, he has big dreams of riding and roping in the rodeo. Zach loves to ride horses and has decided that his hard work and dedication will take him where he wants to go. He rides horses regularly and it is evident that if the rodeo is where he wants to go, he will surely make it.
Most importantly, Zach uses his talents to praise God. “I like to play Christian music,” said Townsend. “My favorite song is Build Your Kingdom Here by Wind Collective.”
Recently, Zachary played guitar at his church’s Christmas play while his music teacher, Jay Hicks, played piano. Hicks is one of Zachary’s biggest influences. In fact, Zach attributes his success with guitar to Hicks being a great teacher. He also asserts that his grandfather, Larry Townsend, has played a huge role in his decision to play guitar.
“My papa is my greatest inspiration,” said Townsend. “I decided I wanted to play guitar because my Papa plays.”
The Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso, once said, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Perhaps, if we all took a cue from kids like Zachary, we might achieve greater feats than we ever thought possible.
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Savannah Reams

Written by Savannah Reams