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General Mills recalling 10 million pounds of flour

No more licking the cake batter bowl!

Flour isn’t usually associated with recalls and foodborne illnesses, but after an investigation into a 20-state outbreak of E. coli-related illnesses occurring between December 15, 2015 and May 3, 2016, the only common link seemed to be General Mill’s flour.

Common E. coli exists almost everywhere, even in our digestive systems, but there are a few variant strains that make people sick.  The specific strain that caused this recent outbreak (E. coli 0121) is one of those variant strains, and General Mills has been collaborating with health officials in the investigation.  No E. coli has been found in any General Mills flour product or manufacturing facility, but the company is still voluntarily recalling its Gold Medal flour, Wondra flour, and Signature Kitchens flour, sold in Safeway, Albertsons, Jewel, Shaws, Vons, United, Randalls, and Acme stores.

Many of those who became ill consumed raw flour, such as the kind in cookie dough.  Cooking, baking, boiling and frying kills most bacteria, including E. coli, and consumers should remember to always wash their hands, work surfaces and utensils after working with flour and never eat raw cookie dough or batter.

Consumers who purchased any of the flour products listed below can return them to the point of purchase for a full refund.  For questions or further information, please contact the General Mills Consumer Relations Team at 1-800-230-8103.

Recalled flour:

- 13.5-ounce Gold Medal Wondr-a,  UPC 000-16000-18980; Better if Used by Dates 25FEB2017 thru 30MAR2017

- Two-pound Gold Medal All Purpose Flour,  UPC 000-16000-10710; Better if Used by Dates 25MAY2017KC thru 03JUN2017K

- Five-pound Gold Medal All Purpose Flour, UPC 000-16000-10610; Better if Used by Dates 25MAY2017KC, 27MAY2017KC thru 31MAY2017KC, 01JUN2017KC, 03JUN2017KC thru 05JUN2017KC, 11JUN2017KC thru 14JUN2017KC

- 10-pound Gold Medal All Purpose Flour, UPC 000-16000-10410; Better if Used by Dates 02JUN2017KC,03JUN2017KC

- 10-pound Gold Medal All Purpose Flour Banded Pack, UPC 000-16000-10410; Better if Used by Dates 03JUN2017KC, 04JUN2017KC, 05JUN2017KC

- Five-pound Gold Medal Unbleached Flour, UPC 000-16000-19610; Better if Used by Dates 25MAY2017KC, 27MAY2017KC, 03JUN2017KC, 04JUN2017KC

- Five-pound Signature Kitchens All Purpose Flour Enriched Bleached, UPC 000-21130-53001; Better if Used by Dates BB MAY 28 2017

- Five-pound Signature Kitchens Unbleached Flour All Purpose Enriched, UPC 000-21130-53022; Better if Used by Dates BB MAY 27 2017

- Two-pound Gold Medal Self Rising Flour, UPC 000-16000-11710; Better if Used by Dates 23AUG2016KC

-Lynette Norris

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