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Gas prices sink to national low since 2009

There's good news for drivers all over the nation. According to AAA, average gas prices dropped below $2 a gallon on Dec. 21 for the first time since March 25, 2009. As of Dec. 23, the national average is $2. The prices have been plummeting at a fast rate. Prices began to lower on Nov. 30, with the average price in Florida at $2.06. That price continued to stay stagnant from Dec. 1 to Dec. 10; from Dec. 10 to Dec. 23, the price began to fall to the state average of $2.01. In Georgia, that average sunk to $1.92 on Dec. 23, compared to the $2 average from one month ago; a year ago, the average price in Georgia was $2.34. GasBuddy reports that the lowest price of regular gas in Valdosta is $1.81, as of Dec. 23. Despite the recent downfall of prices, Madison has yet to catch up to this trend, as prices in Madison are still a high $2.13, as of Dec. 23; the highest price reported at gas stations such as Sunoco, Shell, Jiffy and Pit Stop, as of Dec. 22 was $2.19. AAA reports that these low prices are due to the fact that there is more than enough oil and gas around the world to meet current demand. Generally, gas prices usually fall through early winter because many people tend to use less fuel this time of year. “Based on normal seasonal trends, gas prices likely will remain low through January, and could drop even further if the cost of crude oil remains weak. By late winter, gas prices may rise 50 cents per gallon or more as refineries conduct maintenance in advance of the busy summer driving season. The maintenance reduces fuel production and typically leads to higher gas prices. Despite the expected seasonal increase, the national average price of gas may not rise above $3 per gallon in 2016 because oil should remain abundant and relatively inexpensive,” read the AAA report. However, at some point, a few months down the road, partying like it's $1.99 will soon come to an end and gas prices will begin to creep back up. To keep up with the national average of fuel prices as the months go on, visit To find out more about local gas prices, visit or

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