Garden Club Christmas Program Creates Beautiful Floral Arrangements

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The Madison Garden Club held their Christmas Program on Thursday, Dec. 4 and there were signs of Christmas all around. Members were all dressed in their holiday apparel and matched the festive tables that were also dressed for the day. Jackie Johnson and her committee decorated the tables with potted poinsettias that sat upon red tablecloths sporting glowing candles and jewel-toned beads, with place settings ready for the lunch provided by Shelby’s Catering.
Christmas started at the club with Mina Bloodworth’s devotional that paralleled Dr. Seuss’ story of the Grinch who sneaks into Who-ville, stealing all the Who’s Christmas goodies, to the “wordly Grinch” who comes in to steal, kill and destroy by taking away our God-given gifts and talents, our joy, our faith, our trust in people and in God. In doing these things, both Grinches attempt to take away the fun, joy, celebration and ultimately, take away Christmas spirit. Dr. Suess’ Grinch didn’t succeed and as Bloodworth’s story goes, neither will the “wordly Grinch” if we put our hope and trust in God because no one can rob us of what lives in our heart and our soul and nobody can steal Christmas when Christmas lives within our hearts.
After the inspirational devotion, club business was attended to and directed by president Laura Coleman. Bloodworth was again in the spotlight, along with six of her students, who were given certificates for graduating from her Floral Design Study. In other business, the club’s members unanimously voted to give a check for $100 to the Madison County United Way campaign with the final item of business being a call for help to finish up their Winter Wonderland decoration in the park downtown. After the club’s business was out of the way, members of the club enjoyed a special lunch, served by Shelby and her staff.
While lunch was still being enjoyed, Mini Bloodworth prevailed over the meeting by presenting floral decoration ideas. She showed low cost items purchased around town which she had added floral oasis and a little hot glue, and added fresh flowers, greenery, ribbon and other decoration to create beautiful centerpieces to be auctioned off immediately after.
Sara Adams also participated in the presentation and showed a previously decorated dried arrangement using red nandina berries and magnolia leaves sprayed silver with a discarded knife block, showing something new and beautiful could be made with everyday items around the home.
Jean Fiori presented the Recycle of the Month arrangement for the December meeting. She used a red tomato cage with the ends taped together, and turned upside down to resemble a tree shape. Fiori decorated the “tree” with greenery, bows and Christmas ornaments that even included a star on the top. Ending the presentation, Fiori reminded everyone of the upcoming Jan. 10 camellia show, which will be an inaugural event for the Garden Club.
Jeff Bloodworth auctioned off the presentation arrangements with all being purchased. Money from the auction will go into the club’s funds for future endeavors. The monthly door prize drawings was a surprise as all the beautiful red poinsettias on the tables were included in the drawings and given away and concluded the club’s Christmas meeting.
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Rose Klein

Written by Rose Klein