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By Rose Klein
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The Garden Club of Madison is well known for their beautification around the Madison community; their landscaping abilities can be seen downtown, at Four Freedoms Park, at community events and especially at Christmas time, but what many might not know is their dedication to Madison County Schools. Earlier this month, members of the club loaded up boxes of golden yellow and white flowers (representing school colors), greenery, floral foam and flower containers so that graduates of Pinetta Elementary could design floral arrangements.


This was the third year the club has traveled to Pinetta to teach elementary students how to design a proper floral arrangement. The lesson is intended for a fun, learning activity for the kids, but the arrangements are also used in the school’s graduation ceremony. The group has taken this project to Greenville Elementary for the past two years and, for the first time this year, taught students at Lee Elementary.


Dolly Ballard, one of the Garden Club’s members, was the instructor for the day in Jo Ragans’ 5th grade class. All students were provided with a container, oasis, flowers and greenery and had the opportunity to create their own floral design. It was hard to tell who had the most enjoyment from the activity, club members or students, and even Ms. Ragans let out a delighted squeal when learning there was enough materials for her to make an arrangement.


Teaching floral arrangements for graduating students is only one of the projects the Garden Club does for the school. They have also designed and built a butterfly garden and vegetable garden, where the kids have opportunity to work in the garden, learn about the importance of things such as soil and butterflies and can even eat produce grown right there at the school.


After graduation services, the students were able to take their flower arrangements home, spreading the Garden Club’s beauty into even more of Madison County.

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Rose Klein

Written by Rose Klein