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Garage sale fundraisers planned for Amber Albrecht

On Saturday, June 4, the family of former Madison County resident, Amber Selman Albrecht, will be hosting two garage sale fundraisers. The proceeds from these events will go toward the “Amber Selman Albrecht Cancer Fund” through Madison County Community Bank. These funds will help Albrecht, who has been diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of ovarian cancer, during this difficult time. When she is well enough, Albrecht works as an interior designer with Cress Kitchen and Bath of Wheat Ridge, Co., but her health does not always allow her to do so. Albrecht's mother, Deborah Kervin, says of her, “she is my hero,” as Albrecht always makes an effort to be upbeat and positive, especially for her seven-year-old son, Tristan. Meanwhile, though, Albrecht's fiance Brandon Le has shown her enormous love and support through this trying time. Albrecht graduated from Madison County High School in 2000. Therefore, though she now lives in Firestone, Co., her roots as a Lee girl make her forever a part of the Madison County family.

These garage sales will be found at 456 W. Base St. (in front of Allied Health) and at 131 South Shelby St., Jade's Encore. Albrecht's sister, April Albritton, will be setting up tables beginning at 7:30 a.m. Everyone is welcome to come shop, donate or set up a table where proceeds will go towards the “Amber Selman Albrecht Cancer Fund.” Additionally, anyone wanting to make a donation directly to the fund can do so through Madison County Community Bank.

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