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From the sunny side… Whose idea was that?

The other day, as I was leaving work, I saw a pair of baby goats playing. Fortunately, I always keep my camera nearby, just in case I come across something "picture-worthy" (such as a pair of baby goats playing). After I took the picture, I was struck with an unusual thought. For me, unusual thoughts are fairly commonplace, so they are probably only unusual for "normal" people. As I watched the two baby goats playing, I wondered, "Who came up with the idea of 'goat yoga?'" You can look it up; goat yoga is a real thing. Now, in my book, yoga itself seems a bit odd. I know that there are supposed to be health benefits to twisting and contorting one's body into a variety of pretzel-type shapes, but to me, it looks kinda goofy. I just wonder about the person who said to herself as she was twisting her body into the squatting dragonfly position, "What would really make this experience better is to put a goat on my shoulders." Did she bother to get the goat's opinion on her idea?

That brings me to another question. What was the first guy who ate a raw oyster thinking? By the way, I happen to like raw oysters. I don't eat them anymore because I heard they have germs and stuff that can make you sick. But I wonder about that first guy who looked at a raw oyster and thought to himself, "Hmmmm, that wad of slickness on the half-shell sure looks tasty." I do admit, I admire his boldness.

On a related topic, what about the first person who tried yogurt? I think the idea of eating yogurt originated somewhere in Europe. I can just imagine ole Sven or Gustaf opening up the ice box and seeing the container of what probably started out, in the distant past, as milk. Now, it is no longer in its original liquid form, but has taken on the consistency of a Jell-o pudding cup. I can further imagine ole Sven or Gustaf thinking to himself, "Hmmmm, this smells a little bit tangy, but it might taste pretty good." Then after tasting it, ole Sven or Gustaf probably thought, "Not bad, but it could use some fruit in the bottom."

I'm sure there are other society-altering discoveries just waiting for someone to say, "Hmmmm, that sounds like a good idea." Just remember, those "good ideas" are often proven to be very "bad ideas" in the long run. I'm just sayin'.

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