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From the sunny side… Welcome to the big, big world, Penelope Blair

I have always considered myself to be a pretty good uncle. I had a lot of fun with my two young nephews as they were growing up and now that they are grown with kids of their own, I'm proud of the men they have become. Now, both my nephews have had kids of their own, making me a "great uncle." Now, as I type this, I am somewhat anxiously awaiting word that I have become an "even greater" uncle. My oldest nephew's daughter is having her baby, at this very moment.

At any moment, little Penelope Blair Hammock will open her pretty little eyes to a big, big world full of mystery and wonder. I don't know what all that world will hold in store for Penelope Blair. I hope and pray it's a world in which people can get along and be friends, regardless of what their skin looks like. I hope and pray it's a world in which bombs and missiles are no longer needed. I hope and pray it's a world that still contains all the beauty that nature can display. I hope and pray that it's a world filled with love and acceptance for ALL people.

Penelope Blair will see things and do things in her life that I can hardly imagine right now. It fills me with excitement just to think about what lies ahead for her.

I heard a quote from Carl Sanburg once that said, "A baby is God's opinion that life should go on." The truth of those words have never been more clear in my mind than they are right now as I await the announcement that Penelope Blair has come into this big, big world. Welcome to that world, Penelope Blair, I promise to do my best to make it a good world for you. Uncle Rickey loves you already.

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