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From the sunny side… wardrobe malfunctions

Rick Patrick: Greene Publishing, Inc.

I have probably said it before and will likely say it again, I truly do love the staff with whom I work every day. Even when things get a little tense, I have learned to think “Oh that's so and so, just being so and so.” During those times, I usually just smile and nod, and make note of any corrections I may need to make. I have learned to take very little of anything said, done, or heard during “tense” times personally. A vast majority of the time, we get along, and I can say that we truly do love each other. Of course, I do all I can to keep everyone entertained as best as I can.

One morning one of my fellow workers informed me that my shirt was inside out. Perhaps not many fellow workers would have said something. Many folks would have just let me go about my day with an inside out shirt. I'm glad I was saved from a possibly embarrassing situation had that not been brought to my attention. Then one day last week, an even more significant “wardrobe malfunction” occurred. I have no idea how long the situation had been present; that fact alone is a bit unnerving. It was after lunch when I went to the “little reporters' room” only to realize a rather large rip in the seat of my pants. The funny part of the story (as if a rip in the seat of my pants isn't funny enough) is that I had been to a meeting of one of our service clubs and had covered a car accident on the way back to the office. So to anyone who may have seen me that day, and especially to anyone who may have been accidentally “mooned,” I offer my sincerest apologies.

Of course, as soon as I brought this matter to the attention of the person in charge here at work, I was allowed to leave early that day. That's just the kind of wonderful people with whom I am blessed to work.

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