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From the sunny side… Superstitions

Rick Patrick

Funny, I was just looking at the calendar and realized that Friday the 13th is actually on a Friday this month. The last time that happened was April of this year and it won't happen again during 2018. Aside from being the title of a seemingly endless stream of kinda bad "scary" movies, Friday the 13th is supposed to be an "unlucky" day if you believe that sort of thing.

I tend not to be an overly superstitious person. I never worried about the condition of my mother's back if I happened to step on a crack in the sidewalk. Broken mirrors never caused a great deal of concern for me. The one black cat I ever owned (his name was B.C., for obvious reasons; he was a black cat) never scared me if he walked across my path. The only time I have ever been superstitious was when participating in theatre productions. That's not unusual. I think the only group of people more superstitious than actors are probably baseball players. For a long time, when performing in a theatre production, I had to park in the same parking space every night before a performance. I had my own ritual regarding the order in which I would wish my fellow actors a good show (Of course, you NEVER tell an actor "good luck" before a performance. It's always, "break a leg"). If for some reason I deviated from that practice, the entire performance could be put into jeopardy. The first person always had to be my friend Hope Ince. The last person always had to be Mary Ann Green. Even after Hope moved away, I was known to call her in San Antonio to say, "break a leg." There are some things you just don't leave to chance.

I also feel very uncomfortable sitting facing a wall in a restaurant or with my back to the rest of the room. I think I may have been a famous wild-west gun-fighter in a former life. The only other time I tend to be superstitious, and I wouldn't even call this a superstition, is when I go to the movies. For some reason, I have to sit about three-fourths of the way back, in the very middle of the row. Anywhere else, I have trouble enjoying the movie. I have one particular friend who tends to take advantage of this and force me to sit in a seat other than the one in which I feel comfortable. Maybe my friend feels they have to sit in one particular seat in the movie or in a restaurant. To me, that seems to be just plain silly. No matter where you're sitting, I hope you have a lucky day today here on the sunny side.

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