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From the sunny side… Positivity

I am generally an optimistic person. That's the main point behind our weekly visits. I've always figured there's enough "doom and gloom" with which we are constantly bombarded that a little bit of "positivity" is often welcomed. I do admit it has been quite a challenge lately. It seems there are big problems both locally and nationally. A lot of folks seem to find that the easiest method of dealing with problems is to point fingers at all the folks we think are responsible; whether they really are responsible or not. I do admit, it's a lot easier to do that than it is to face difficult solutions. It gets difficult to remain positive amongst seemingly endless bickering and passing blame.

Then, something happens that reminds me just how wonderful life is, in spite of the problems that seem to surround us. Earlier today, we got a call from little Kennedy Holbrook's daycare that Kennedy rolled over for the first time this morning. Those of you who are faithful readers here know that Kennedy is the daughter of Cheltsie Holbrook. Cheltsie is the manager here at Greene Publishing, Inc. Kennedy is a little over three months old. When Kennedy was here at the office a few days ago, she was in Cheltsie's office on the floor lying on her back. Of course, I could not resist the temptation to go in and visit her and elicit a smile or two from that sweet face (Kennedy's, that is). While I was standing there visiting with Kennedy, she was really trying to turn over then. She could almost make it all the way over. I told Cheltsie that she would be turning over and probably scooting within a week or so.

As I thought on this for a few minutes, it occurred to me that even among difficulties and problems that will have to be addressed, there are numerous small reasons to smile and look forward to a bright future. Right now, little Kennedy probably doesn't know me from any other big person, I know that she and I are going to be very good friends in the future. That alone is more than enough reason for me to feel positive. When I went to lunch earlier today, the sun was shining bright. It was a beautiful day. Little Kennedy had a big accomplishment today. Thank you, Kennedy, for reminding me of another reason to be happy here on the sunny side.

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