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From the sunny side… Lucky

Rick Patrick

Today is Friday the 13th. Today is one of only two Friday the 13ths this year, the other being in July (In all the other months, Friday the 13th occurs on a different day of the week). For those among us who happen to be superstitious, today may be looked upon as unlucky. I believe, to a great extent, we make our own luck. Different circumstances will always present themselves. Usually, it lies in how we approach, or just what we do with those circumstances that determines our "luck."

When it comes to luck, to whatever extent luck plays in anything, I honestly feel like I am the luckiest person I know. I am reminded of just how lucky I am every time I sit down to put together a little something for our weekly visits. I am so lucky to be able to come into your kitchens and living rooms and anywhere else you may be during our visits every week. I am so lucky to work with a group of people that I genuinely like, who provide such a positive environment in which to work. Believe me when I tell you that makes a huge difference in a workplace. I've been in toxic workplaces before, and it can be a source of misery. I am so lucky to be able to watch and talk about baseball, football, basketball, softball and any other sports one can think of. I encountered someone at a baseball game recently, and they thanked me for coming to and writing about the different sporting events at the area schools. My response was, "Thank you, but honestly, I truly enjoy it! Where else can I go enjoy a baseball game, tell everyone about it, and get paid to do it? It sure beats working!" I am so lucky to be able to talk about my "adopted hometown" and the wonderful people who live here.

I am so lucky to have been able to see some of the places I've been able to see. Even more than that, I was able to see some of those places with the best friends anyone could ever have. I am so lucky to still have those same friends, many years later.

Even though I am (and probably will always be) single, I am so lucky to have been able to love and – at least for a while – be loved. They almost all broke my heart in some way, but I can honestly say I've been heartbroken by the best.

Yeah, I've experienced my share of troubles and heartache. Even with that, I am so lucky to be able to say that those same heartaches and troubles have made me a stronger and even more grateful person.

Yes, every time I look in a mirror, I see the luckiest guy I know. No matter what day Friday the 13th is on.

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