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From the sunny side… Caution, old man driving

Rick Patrick

I consider myself to be a very good driver. I usually obey speed limits. I don't make it a habit to talk on my phone while driving. I always wear my safety belt and I normally use my turn signals. I am even the guy who will let someone else in ahead of me in traffic. Not that I'm that polite, I generally don't trust another driver to be as careful as I am and I can keep my eye on the other driver easier if they are ahead of me.

I tend to laugh at people who think they are in an audition for the next big NASCAR race. Usually these people will speed around me, only to be waiting at the traffic light when I pull up beside them. I often wonder what they were planning to do with that second and a half they might save by driving the way they do. Personally, I think they will likely do nothing but mess things up once they get where they are going.

This morning I was waiting at an intersection, just as I was supposed to do, when a young girl in a BMW blew her horn at me. I think perhaps she wanted me to pull out in front of the oncoming cars. I wonder if she thought it would save her an extended amount of time had one of those cars hit me and caused traffic to become backed up. I can promise, her horn honking did very little to make me more likely to pull out into traffic. If anything, it served to increase my level of patience.

I was once told by a friend that I “drive like an old man.” My response to that is, “that's how you get to be an 'old man!'” Funny, but the reason this friend was riding with me to begin with was they were not allowed to drive because of a DUI ticket.

So if you see me driving around and you are behind me, just relax, enjoy the day and please don't honk the horn. You'll get there eventually and you'll be a lot less stressed, here on the sunny side.

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