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From the sunny side… Be amazing

During the course of my days here at the newspaper, I have opportunities to see, hear and witness some interesting stories. Some of these stories make me laugh. Some of these stories make me a little sad. Some of these stories simply make me shake my head. Then there are stories that inspire me and challenge me to be a better person. These are some of my favorite stories to tell. Partly because I feel that if they inspire me to want to be a better person, then maybe they just might inspire one or two of y'all. I do believe that's how the world can become a better place; if just a few of us make the effort to be a little bit better. Recently, I heard this kind of story.

Young Anna Weiland had just lost her father, Jason Weiland. Jason Weiland was a near 20-year veteran of the Everest Metro Police Force, in Wisconsin. In March of 2017, he was killed by a lone gunman who had gone on a killing spree earlier in the day. The gunman had barricaded himself in an apartment building when Weiland responded to the call. Weiland was shot in the head shortly after he arrived at the scene.

At Det. Weiland's funeral service, Anna had this to say: "All of the amazing people in the world will always outnumber the criminals." As a result of this tragedy, the "Be Amazing" campaign was started. As a way to help the youngsters cope with the tragic events of that day, a fifth-grade teacher asked the students what it meant to "be amazing." One common thread weaving all the responses together was helping others. The students made a list of projects they wanted to undertake in order to help others. Some of these included making and donating blankets to hospital patients, making get-well cards for hospital patients and visiting with them, creating and filling gift bags for special needs students and having a celebration with them and more. These efforts caught the attention of the area and inspired others to form "Be Amazing" clubs. The "Be Amazing" campaign continues to grow throughout that part of Wisconsin. More information about the "Be Amazing" program can be found at:

The concept behind all this is simple, it doesn't take much to "be amazing." Just a simple act of kindness can "be amazing." A friendly word to another person can "be amazing." Holding the door for another person can "be amazing." Offering your seat to an elderly person on a city bus can "be amazing." So, what will YOU do today in order to "be amazing?"

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