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From the sunny side… Accidental brilliance

Rick Patrick: Greene Publishing, Inc.

As much as I would like to, there are times when I can't take credit for everything good that you see every week in the paper. There are times when things happen merely by accident and often, in spite of ourselves.

Recently, while I was covering a basketball game, I was made aware of this. I could see something exciting was about to happen and I wanted to be sure to get a picture. One talent or skill I have developed in covering sporting events is I can sometimes anticipate when something might happen and I can prepare. As I raised the camera to my eyes, the camera strap placed itself conveniently between my eye and the camera. This inconsiderate action by the camera strap caused my eye, in an act of pure reflex, to close. Being the dedicated professional I am, I did not allow this momentary state of blindness alter me from continuing to get the photograph. Instinctually, my index finger hit the necessary button and I managed to take a pair of photographs in rapid succession. When I looked at the photographs, they looked worthy of any Sports Illustrated cover. Of course, if Sports Illustrated calls and wants to purchase one of the photographs for an obscene amount of money, I will readily take credit for such amazing photographic skills. You can see one of the photographs on the sports page of this newspaper. Of course, I'll not reveal which photograph it is, you'll simply have to try and guess for yourself if you feel so inclined.

I've always heard that many of man's great inventions were made by pure accident. I can fully see where this could be the case. Sometimes our moments of ultimate greatness happen by pure accident. I think a person of true brilliance is one who can recognize those moments, even if he doesn't readily admit them. Whether by accident or by design, I hope your day is a great one, here on the sunny side.

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