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From the sunny side… A glimpse at the future

Rick Patrick

Not everyone knows this, but I can be a sentimental type on occasion. Those with whom I work will probably be quick to categorize me as the “cynical” type when it comes to certain “matters of the heart.” I admit that, at times, I have even helped to perpetrate that image. It does make for some laughter around the paper from time to time. Most of the time it's merely one of the many “roles” I personify, sometimes for purely entertainment purposes.

I must admit, however, that even “an old cynic like myself” was touched by the beautiful wedding between Brooke Kinsley (the boss' daughter) and Clint Riley. To see these two nice young people beginning their new life together was kinda fun, I do admit. Of course, the good food at the reception did not make the afternoon worse by any means. One thing that struck me was when Brooke's sister, Cheltsie, spoke during the reception. She spoke of her and Brooke's future children becoming friends, spending time and playing together. This image gave me a small glimpse into the future. That future looked bright for these young people.

If you look at the news nowadays, it's easy to become “cynical” in a very real way. After this past weekend, I'm glad that there's more than one reason to remain hopeful. These nice young people have proven to me that's the case. I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for them. Now, I wonder if there's any more of that left-over wedding cake here at the office.

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