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Founder’s Day this weekend

John Willoughby:

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This weekend, Hickory Grove United Methodist Church will be celebrating the 28th Annual Founder's Day. The celebration will be held on Saturday, Oct. 20, beginning at 8 a.m. with festivities, fun and fellowship.

As usual, there will be plenty of food, gospel singing, syrup-making and fun. The festivities begin at approximately 8 a.m., lasting until about 3 p.m. The last event on the agenda will be the Circuit Rider Preacher’s arrival for his annual message. As in past years, a message will be given by Hickory Grove's own minister, Steve McHargue, at 12 p.m. on the signing stage.

During this year's Founder's Day, the official program is being dedicated to Bobby Joe Buchanan, who grew up in the Hickory Grove Methodist Church. Bobby Joe passed away this summer, and he is missed by everyone who attends the small country church.

A highlight of Hickory Grove's Founder's Day is being present for breakfast, cooked on old wood-burning stoves. Cousin Mary Lou's Breakfast Booth will be open by 8 a.m., with hot biscuits stuffed with ham or sausage. You can also split the biscuit open and pour real cane syrup over the biscuits. Additionally, there will be butter churning, boiled corn-on-the-cob and barbecue pulled pork sandwiches available for enjoyment.

Additional events taking place at 11 a.m. will be the hog-calling contest and the dill pickle-spitting contest, back by popular demand. "Diggin' for Gold" will also return as participants sit and hear about Jesus while digging in the sand for quarters, dimes and nickels.

"Twenty-eight years ago, a group of people got together and started Founder's Day so the old ways of our founders would not be forgotten," said Pastor Steve McHargue. "Older men and women volunteered to take charge of each area to teach others about cane grinding, quilt making, biscuit baking, etc. so we wouldn't forget who our founders were and what they taught us. Now, we are aware that you can't learn all those lessons one day a year. In order to learn all that, you would need to have Founder's Day every day."

This year, participants will ride in a wagon that will take you to the church. Parking is limited but thanks to the Williams family, who are planning to attend Founder's Day will park in their pasture. The tractor and wagons will start running at 7:30 a.m. and they will be in operation until everyone is returned to their vehicles.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy a great day at the church during the festivities. The festivities will take place on Saturday, Oct. 20, at Hickory Grove Methodist Church, located at 1218 NE Hickory Grove Rd., in Pinetta. Look for the signs so you will not get lost. For more information, call Dan Buchanan at (850) 464-8710.

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