Florida Offers Additional Sales Tax Breaks

By Amber Houston
Greene Publishing, Inc.
A few sales tax breaks are coming up (or even already in effect) for Floridians.
The annual Tax Free Weekend is one break that parents and students always look forward to. From August 1-3, clothes, school supplies and laptops will not incur regular sales taxes. See Wednesday’s, June 23 Madison County Carrier, for more details.
Another tax break took effect on July 1, and will continue sine die—that is, without an appointed end date. In an effort to promote child safety, child restraint systems and booster seats are now tax-exempt. This applies only to the seat itself: accessories sold separately may still be subject to sales tax. Components and accessories that are sold with the seat are tax-exempt. Child restraint systems and booster seats are only tax-exempt if specifically marked for use in motor vehicles.
For example, a parent buys a 2-in-1 travel system stroller, which includes an infant car seat, a car seat base, and an interchangeable stroller base. Additionally, he buys a car seat mirror in order to see the infant from the drivers’ seat. Because the 2-in-1 system includes an infant car seat, it will be tax-exempt. The mirror will not be tax-exempt.
Lastly, youth bicycle helmets will also be tax-exempt. The restrictions are that they must be labeled as youth bicycle helmets: adult helmets do not count, even if they are bought for a youth.
More information can be found by visiting the Florida Department of Revenue website at http://dor.myflorida.c-om/.
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