Florida Forest Service Celebrates State Arbor Day

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Story Submitted Feb. 14 was celebrated in Madison County as the official 2014 State Arbor Day. The Florida Forest Service marked the occasion by helping plant 27 trees at the Madison County Central School. Trees were purchased with special funding provided by the Florida Forest Service. Second graders joined in on the fun by planting the trees and learning about the history of Arbor Day. Arbor Day is actually celebrated twice a year. Once on the last Friday in April for National Arbor Day and once on the third Friday in January (January 17) for Florida’s State Arbor Day. The reason for each state having a separate State Arbor Day is to coincide with each state’s primary tree planting season. Some states, like Vermont, do not hold their State Arbor Day until May. Arbor Day is set aside as a day to promote planting trees and learning about their importance to our way of life and our very survival. Trees provide us with a variety of benefits including cleaner air, cleaner water, oxygen, many everyday commercial products, wildlife habitat, and recreational opportunities. More information on tree planting and Arbor Day can be obtained from the National Arbor Day Foundation at www.arborday.org or from the Madison County Forester at (850) 973-5115.

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