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Flags adorn courthouse square

Rick Patrick: Greene Publishing, Inc.

Local citizens may have noticed, over the last several days, a number of US flags around the courthouse square in downtown Madison. According to Stewart Scott from the American Legion Post 224, from Cherry Lake, this was once a tradition in Madison. Soon after Billy Washington was elected Clerk of the Court, he found several US flags that had once been flown around the courthouse. Washington contacted the American Legion post, and it was decided to once again fly the flags around the courthouse.

The American Legion Post used this as an opportunity to not only show community pride and patriotism, but also as a way to raise funds in order to provide flags to school classrooms, governmental offices, etc. The Post allowed businesses and individuals to sponsor a flag to be flown. Some took the opportunity to salute a particular veteran or individual. According to Scott, the response from the community has been tremendous. The Post started flying the flags on Saturday, May 20 and will leave the flags flying until Flag Day on Saturday, June 17. After that, the flags will be taken down in accordance with tradition and presented, along with a certificate, to the individual sponsor.

In addition to flying the flags, the local American Legion Post plans to teach flag etiquette to students in the public schools. On Memorial Day, the Color Guard from the American Legion Post will raise the flag at the courthouse to full mast at noon. Traditionally, the flag is lowered to half-mast at 6 a.m. to honor those soldiers who have fallen in service to our country. Later on Memorial Day, the Post will place approximately 1,000 flags on the gravesites of local veterans.

These events are being undertaken as part of an initiative by the Americanism Committee from the American Legion Post 224, in Cherry Lake.

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