FHP Targeting Aggressive Drivers

The Florida Highway Patrol is again launching its Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks (TACT) safety campaign in order to continue educating drivers of passenger vehicles and commercial trucks on the dangers of aggressive driving.
“Confronting the aggressive habits of drivers, whether they are in a car or a large truck, is essential to making Florida’s highways safer to travel,” says Lt. Col. Troy Thompson, Deputy Director of the Florida Highway Patrol’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Bureau. “If all motorists exercise patience and caution, avoid aggressive driving behaviors and remain alert, we can reduce the number of crashes that occur on our state’s roads.”
The latest TACT campaign runs Sept. 12-25. Troopers will be watching for drivers displaying aggressive behaviors such as speeding, following too closely and unsafe lane changes. Aggressive driving habits can turn deadly when between a passenger vehicle and tractor-trailer. FHP offers these tips for cars driving around commercial vehicles:
• Stay out of the No Zone. Watch for the extensive blind spots around trucks.
• Pass trucks with caution. Pass on the left side for maximum visibility and maintain a constant speed.
• Don’t cut trucks off. Large trucks simply can’t stop as quickly as other vehicles.
• Practice patience. Try to be predictable. Avoid making erratic moves if a truck isn’t going as fast as you’d like.
For more information about TACT and FHP’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, visit: http://www.flhsmv.gov/fhp.
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Rose Klein

Written by Rose Klein