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FFA contest winners announced

Greene Publishing, Inc. Photo By Ashley Hunter, December 10, 2015

Members of Madison County Farm Bureau served a warm meal to those who attended the competition. Pictured, from left to right, are: Freddy Pitts, Maria Greene, Bubba Greene, Ginny Paarlberg, Dewayne Leslie, Lindsey Lawson, Nancy Curl and Eddie Curl.

Future Farmers of America held a competition on Thursday, Dec. 10 at Fellowship Baptist Church.

Categories for competition were creed speaking, open and closing ceremonies, prepared speaking, extemporaneous speaking, parliamentary procedure and tractor driving.

Judging was divided between categories. The judges for parliamentary speaking were Scarlett Frisina, Courtney Reinbott and Jodi Tillman. The judges for prepared speaking were Becky Bennett, Stephen Bailey and Sarah Fulford. The judges for the extemporaneous speaking category were Wendy Burton, Brad Dicks, Jed Dillard and Chris Vahn. For creed speaking, Doug Brown, Greg Hicks and Jeff Lee judged. Ben Killingsworth, Jenny Paarlberg and Keith Wynn judged opening and closing ceremonies.  Walter Brown, Jeffrey Hamrick and Travis Page judged tractor driving.

Many students represented both themselves and their schools with pride as they won ribbons and honors during the competition.

Creed Speaking:

3rd – Destiny Fennell from Branford High

2nd – Lexi Fletcher from Suwannee Jr.

1st – Jonathan Stokes from Fort White Sr.

Middle School

Opening and Closing Ceremonies:

3rd – Suwannee Middle

2nd – Fort White Middle

1st – Branford Middle

Middle School

Prepared Speaking:

3rd – Sarah Godwin from Hamilton Middle

2nd – Zach Dicks from Lake City Middle

1st – Abby Ratliff from Madison County Central School

Middle School

Extemporaneous Speaking:

3rd – Nygeria Alexander from Jefferson Middle

2nd – Addison Elliot from Suwannee Middle

1st – Barrett Young from Branford Middle

Middle School



2nd – Branford Middle

1st – Fort White Middle

High School Prepared Speaking:

3rd – Meredith Lord from Suwannee Sr.

2nd – Sara Humphreys from Branford High

1st – Sara Beth Lee from Suwannee Jr.

High School Extemporaneous Speaking:

3rd – Taylor Gebo from Fort White Sr.

2nd – Terrah Henderson from Branford High

1st – Gavin Cashmore from Suwannee Sr.

Tractor Driving:

3rd – Bryce Ott from Columbia Sr.

2nd – Ethan Ratliff from Madison County High School

1st – Trey Roberts from Branford High

High School Parliamentary Procedure:

3rd – Suwannee Sr.

2nd – Branford High

1st – Fort White Sr.

While the judges were tallying points and deciding winners, Madison’s Florida Farm Bureau members served everyone who attended and participated in the competition a warm, hearty lunch that was cooked by Nancy and Eddie Curl.

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