February Chamber Member Of The Month… Madison County Community Bank

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By Rose Klein Greene Publishing, Inc. The Madison County Community Bank (MCCB) has been presented as the Chamber Member of the Month for February. The bank, located at 301 East Base Street in Madison, was formed in 1999 by a local group of men and women whose purpose was “to bring to the community, a bank whose focus was on meeting the banking and financial needs of local citizens and businesses.” MCCB’s board, management and staff all work and live in Madison County, making them Madison County’s only locally owned bank. One of the advantages of the bank being locally owned and managed, is that all decisions involving the bank are made here in Madison, so when Dr. Willie Miles of the Madison County Central School (MCCS) approached them to help teach financial literacy to their Pre-K through eighth grade students, the bank was able to make that a reality. The result is an onsite “bank” set up in a designated room at MCCS, where sixth, seventh and eighth grade students act as employees. Out of 60 students, 22 were chosen by a MCCS committee and make up two teams of eleven students that hold titles of Tellers (7), Head Teller (1), Customer Service (2) and President (1). The room was set up by MCCS and is managed by Lynne Brown, Guidance Counselor. MCCB created murals for the hallways that feature money information and tips. They also created job descriptions and forms as well as trained students and committed to one MCCB employee to be on site when the banking program is open. The program opens once every month from 8-9 a.m., when students are not assigned a regular class. The MCCS bookkeeper controls all the record keeping for the student’s accounts. On Grand Opening of the program, 150 students opened a Bronco Banking Program account. Students who opened an account are able to withdraw funds in May, December or by special request on other dates. MCCB is proud to be part of a program designed to increase the knowledge of earning, saving, budgeting and spending for MCCS students and considers it an honor and privilege to be the community’s bank. In today’s environment, MCCB says they fully understand banking choices are unlimited, but says if you prefer a banking relationship which delivers outstanding personal customer service, coupled with all of the modern conveniences, then Madison County Community Bank hopes to be your choice so they have the ability to demonstrate their motto, “People You Know…A Bank You Can Trust.”

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