FCAT School Grades Released

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By Lynette Norris
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Preliminary overall FCAT grades for district schools have been released by the Florida Department of Education. Madison County Central School (MCCS), the largest school in the district, received a grade of D, up from last year’s F.
Greenville Elementary School (GES) received an F, the same as its grade for 2012 (the DOE website did not have a grade posted for 2013).
Lee Elementary School (LES) maintained its B grade from 2013.
Pinetta Elementary School (PES) scored a C, down from a B in 2013.
James Madison Preparatory High School, in its inaugural year, scored an A.
Madison County High School’s grade is weighted by other state assessments in addition to the FCAT, and its grade for 2014 is pending until December of this year.
forty-three percent of Madison County students made a score of “Satisfactory or Higher” in reading; 45 percent scored “Satisfactory or Higher” in math; in writing, 30 percent scored “Satisfactory or Higher”  and in science, it was 35 percent.  Additionally, the district showed overall gains for the lowest scoring 25 percent of students in both reading and math.
For the entire district, however, the Madison County received a grade of an F, the same grade it had last year, and one of three districts (the contiguous counties of Jefferson, Madison and Hamilton, in North Central Florida) out of 67 to score an F.   Other neighboring schools districts, Suwannee, Lafayette and Taylor, received grades of C, B and C, respectively.
Beginning with the 2014-2015 school year, the Florida Department of Education will begin shifting away from the FCAT 2.0, replacing it with the new Florda Standarsa Assesment.
To see the posted grades for Madison County and other school districts, visit the DOE’s website at  http://schoolgrades.fldoe.org/.
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Lynette Norris

Written by Lynette Norris