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Farm-City Week Celebrated


Greene Publishing, Inc. Photo By Emerald G. Parsons, November 15, 2016

Farm-City Week is celebrated by Farm Bureau each year.  The staff, board members and volunteers are always on hand to make the annual celebration a special delight for all those who attend.  Pictured, in the back row, from left to right, are: Richard Terry, Freddy Pitts, Glen King, Buck Carpenter, Jimmy King, Dewayne Leslie, and Dale Gibson. Pictured, in the front row, from left to right, are: Brad Dicks, George Wheeler, Bubba Greene, Brenda Pitts, Lindsey Lawson, Debbie King, Lynne King, Carol Gibson, and  Jeffery Hamrick.

Emerald G. Parsons, Greene Publishing, Inc.

The Annual Farm-City Week Celebration was held Tuesday evening, Nov. 15, at the local Madison Extension office, with nearly 50 students, parents and guests attending.  The highlight of the meeting was the local Farm Bureau presenting prize money to four fifth graders in the county, for doing an excellent job at writing an essay on the importance of Agriculture.

Several weeks ago, the Madison County Farm Bureau contacted every county school and presented the Annual Essay Contest guidelines.  Every fifth grader had the opportunity to write an essay on “Why is Agriculture the Most Important Industry in America?”  Unfortunately, not every class accomplished the essay this year, but hopefully, next year, every fifth grader will write their essay and will have the chance to win some cash money.

The essays are judged in Gainesville by professional public relations employees at the Florida Farm Bureau Headquarters.  The top four students in the county were awarded cash prizes, but all the children received a prize for participation.  First place went to Roxanne Gosseck from Pinetta Elementary School, second place went to Melana Webb, from Madison Creative Arts Academy, third place went to Blaine Smith from Madison Creative Arts Academy, and forth place went to Elijah Ward, from Greenville Elementary School. Additionally, the teacher with the winning student got a check for their classroom to use as they see fit. The winning teacher was Kara Washington from Pinetta Elementary.

Prior to the awards ceremony, all those attending enjoyed a pizza party dinner with salad and tea.

The Madison County Farm Bureau sponsors this essay contest every year as a way to promote Farm-City Week, which is held every year during the week leading up to Thanksgiving.

During the celebration dinner, Bart Alfred, Carol Gibson and Reginald Dennis, Madison County School Board Members, signed the official proclamation designating this time frame as the official Farm-City Week for Madison County.

Brad Dicks, Director of Field Services for District 2, took a moment to explain what Farm-City Week means to us and to America.

“Farm-City Week is really important to agriculture,” said Jeffery Hamrick, president of the local Farm Bureau.  “Our essay contest is likewise important because we need to teach our students the value of farming and we do this every chance we get.”

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