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Emerald’s Gem Box: Your local newspapers…

I love the newspaper business. I was raised in it, and know of nothing else but this business. It has become my life, and I wake up every morning and truly enjoy where I am going and what I am going to do.

The local weekly/bi-weekly newspaper business is much different than the larger daily newspaper business. At the weekly/bi-weekly level, we try to dedicate our news to the local community and what is happening within it. We put our time and energy into our local citizens and try to report, to the community, what is happening within OUR COUNTY.

Often times this is a hard task. There are times we have to really put on our "thinking caps" and "dig" to find stories that are new and informative and/or fun to read. Other times we seem overwhelmed with things to write about, and just don't have enough pages to fit all the news on. These are the times when certain stories end up running later than what we had hoped they would.

The comparison of daily newspapers to weekly newspapers is interesting: the end result is that people who buy a daily newspaper buy them for the reasoning of reading particular sections. They read the local news, or state news, or national news. But, very few of them actually read the ENTIRE newspaper because, in fact, not everyone is interested in every aspect of what might be found in a daily newspaper.

However, the reasoning and end results on local weekly newspaper readership is much different. The findings state that the readers of weekly/bi-weekly community newspapers read the paper COVER TO COVER because everything within its pages concerns them, their neighbors and their community.

That is what we strive for, here at your local newspapers; to inform you of what is happening within your community.

We thank you, our readers, for giving us the opportunity to serve you and this county. We have always, and will always, welcome any additional news items, thoughts and ideas that you may have. Please always feel free to call us at (850) 973-4141.

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