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Emerald’s Gem Box: The boiling frog affect

Emerald G. Parsons

I have watched and listened closely these last several weeks about the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting and all the discussions about gun control since then.

I cannot possibly understand the hurt and loss that these families have right now. Most of us, in all honesty, cannot fully grasp that. But, I do understand that they hate guns and feel as if guns took their children away. Since their children died by guns, that is where their anger lies. There is no changing that! No matter what is said to them, they will always blame the guns. Most of the surviving teenagers feel the same way; either because their parents say so or because of their fears from being a witness to the event.

But what I have never really been able to understand (throughout the years) is how other law-abiding adults (other than the above-mentioned victims) can blame guns so adamantly for the evil in this world.

Evil exists in people, not in things. An inanimate object cannot do harm unless the person in control of it, proceeds to do harm. Bombs, fertilizer, knives and automobiles have all been used in recent killing sprees, as well. Why is it that our gun rights are what is forever being targeted? Why restrict an inanimate object instead of focusing on the real problem of evil and/or mentally ill people?

When I was in high school guns were allowed at school. All the trucks were fully loaded with shotguns and rifles hanging in the gun racks; and none of us locked our car doors. Those of us without a shotgun had a pistol tucked away in the car and I carried one in my purse, everyday! The problem is not guns. The problem is society, the lack of God in our society, the lack of parental involvement/teaching of our children and the mental troubles of our current society. God has been stripped out of our schools, out of our government meetings, out of our courthouses, out of our towns and out of our daily lives. America is what it is today because God is being run out of our great country.

Bad people/thugs/gang members/terrorists and mentally disturbed people do not care about laws.  They will find guns whether we want them to, or not. Taking guns away from good law-abiding citizens does nothing but leave us unarmed and an open target! Making stricter gun laws hurts the good guy, not the bad guy. The bad guy is going to either get a gun somehow, make a bomb or make another plan. America made drugs against the law and made drinking and driving against the law.  Yet, somehow there are millions of people still doing drugs and millions of people still drinking and driving every day.

Some say that stricter gun control laws would prevent shooting sprees. Somehow, I don’t think criminals really care about following the laws. A criminal is going to get drugs, guns, break into houses, rape and murder regardless of what the laws say he or she can or cannot do. (Please refer back to God being stripped from our daily lives to explain this!)

Our forefathers wrote the Constitution of the United States for us to live by. Year after year, our rights are slowly being stripped away. And more constrictive “gun bills” … are just more ways to take more of our freedoms away.

It’s the boiling frog affect…

If you put a frog in a pot of boiling water, it would jump out immediately; equating the high temperature with risk. But if the frog is placed in a pot of cool water he thinks, “Ah, this is nice, I think I will float around here for a while.” Then, the heat is slowly turned up under the pot. Being a cold-blooded creature, the frog’s blood slowly adapts to the new temperature and the frog will remain in the pot, not detecting the threat. Pretty soon, however, the heat is quite high and it then reaches a boiling point and so does the frog’s blood. He is dead. The frog's survival instincts are honed to detect and respond to immediate risks and sudden changes; risks that are of a subtle or gradual nature are largely ignored or written off as normal.

The boiled frog story reminds us that risk is everywhere, and that we need to be sensitive to change, even of a gradual nature, lest we suffer the fate of the frog.

Think about it!

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