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Emerald’s Gem Box: Our President shows more respect for Muslims than Americans, once again

Why hasn’t President Barack Obama ordered American flags to fly at half-staff in the wake of the Chattanooga shooting that claimed the lives of five servicemen? Could it be that our President refuses to acknowledge “Domestic Islamic Terrorism?” For some reason we see, continually for the last seven years, our American rights and best interests plowed under for the sake of the rights of others. Four marines and one sailor were gunned down on our home soil last Thursday. Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, 24, is said to have opened fire at a military recruiting center in a strip mall, then moved on to his next target, more than seven miles away, where he rammed his car into a gate at a Naval Reserve Center and started on a shooting rampage. Police did eventually kill Abdulazeez , but not before he fatally shot and murdered four marines and a sailor, and injured two others. Investigators have been quoted saying, “We will treat this as a terrorism investigation until it can be determined that it is not.” They stated that they were treating the shooting as an "act of domestic terrorism."

During press briefings held on Monday, Josh Earnest, the White House spokesman, had no explanation as to why the president had not issued an order to lower the flags across the nation. Earnest did say that the president offered “condolences” last week and may speak to veterans at VFW conference Tuesday about the shooting, but he had no further comment. “I don’t have more information about the status of the flag over the White House,” Earnest said. Because we have a president with no back-bone or love for the American people, individual state Governors across the U.S. have ordered their state flags to be flown at half-staff in honor of our fallen heroes. However, our President does not see fit to do so. The flags at neither the White House nor other federal buildings have yet been lowered.

As I see it, Obama has a Muslim blind spot and continues to make deals with oversea murderers. And to make matters even worse (I know that’s hard to believe), not even twenty-four hours after the Chattanooga mass murder, the Empire State Building, one of the symbols of American freedom, celebrated the Muslim “holiday” of Eid al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan, and was lit up in green. The privately-owned building receives hundreds of requests each year to light up for various causes and events, almost all of which they summarily turn down. However, they saw fit to light up in the cause of Islam, just hours after five U.S. soldiers were murdered in cold blood on American soil. Furthermore, have the owners of the Empire State building forgotten September 11, 2001? God bless America. God bless our military. God bless the families of those five dead servicemen. And God have mercy on our weak and incompetent political “leaders” and their spineless followers. Until then… see you around the town.

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