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Emerald’s Gem Box: Open your eyes people – It DOES Matter!

In a recent poll, when asked about Hillary Clinton's email scandal the poll showed that most Democrats replied "it doesn't matter." That baffles me. How can any law abiding citizen say "it doesn't matter" when someone else breaks the law? It shouldn't matter if you are a Democrat, Republican, Liberal or Independent. A crime is a crime! Period! The fact that she is trying to cheat the system should scare everyone!!! When the FBI is investigating any case, everyone should stand up and pay attention. The fact that she has lied continually about her emails should bother everyone! The fact that she brushes it off with a “it doesn’t matter – I can do anything I want” attitude should bother everyone! Are there truly law abiding citizens walking among us that actually care more about voting for a Democrat than what moral values that person has? Is voting a political line more important than America's future for the next four years? Does her past (and her husband's past) not mean anything? Does her lying, cheating and stealing disgust no one but me? She was never held accountable for Benghazi and now it seems she won’t be held accountable for her extra email account, because the world seems to want to turn a blind eye on her. I don’t understand what “control” she seems to have on the American people. It’s like a bad spell has been cast and everyone thinks she can do no wrong. For the sake of America - - - please people, do research on the upcoming Presidential candidates. Vote for a person and not just their political party line! God Bless America and God help us all!

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