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Emerald’s Gem Box: Nike has kneeled to a whole new level

I am not a big fan of Nike apparel. I am not one that spends extra money on something just for a particular logo. Wearing or owning a particular logo is not worth that extra money to me! I own three Nike products: a pair of tennis shoes that was given to me as a Christmas gift many years ago; another pair of tennis/running shoes, because I needed a new pair and they were on sale for $30 and the cheapest ones in the store that day; and a pair of running shorts that were on the sale rack and on sale for $10.

With that said, I can promise you I have bought the very last item of Nike apparel I will ever own!

This big, tangled cobweb first began last year when Nike hired Colin Kaepernick to help kick off their new marketing campaign tied in with their slogan of "Just Do It." This same ad campaign, with Kaepernick in it, tells people, "Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything."

Wait! Stop right there! "Even if it means sacrificing everything?" What???

Isn't Kaepernick the same man that sued the NFL for $10 million for ‘not letting him play' and by ‘blacklisting' him? How is that sacrificing everything? $10 million is NOT sacrificing anything! No, it is the opposite! He stood up for what he believed and when it wasn't received quite as well as he wanted it to be, he tucked tail, cried and sued the organization!

Now, fast forward to last week.

Nike released a new shoe, just in time for fourth of July Independence Day celebrations. The new shoe featured an American flag on it. Not just any American flag though; it was the very first, original American Flag. The one designed and made by Betsy Ross, with 13 stars, in a circle, representing the 13 original colonies. That was a great idea!

However, Kaepernick complained to Nike saying the flag was offensive because it represented an era of slavery. So, Nike pulled the shoe off the market!

Nike pulled the shoe because it took the word of one man (who has caused more division in the country in the last few years than warranted) who said he was offended by it. What about the other 320 million people in the United States that would have loved to have seen an American flag displayed? Should we not be offended by the fact Nike just pulled it?

That flag does not represent slavery. That flag was made in 1776 during the American Revolution. America fought and became independent from Britain, thus becoming the United States of America. The flag was made and flown in honor of our new country.

People have got to stop finding fault and "offense" in every little thing. History is history. Period. Slavery had nothing to do with fighting for independence from Britain.

The truth of the matter is, Nike has buckled to the hypocritical political correctness of this new day and age. This insanity is everywhere: "you HAVE to bake my cake or you'll offend me"; "don't say a prayer because that offends me"; "don't wear that hat because it offends me"; "don't wear that shirt because it offends me"; "don't wear a cross around your neck because it offends me"; and "don't fly a flag on your house because it offends me".

Come on, Americans - stand tall. Quit complaining about every little thing and quit buckling to every little whim and sad perception that is thrown your way. We are not three-year-olds crying because another child took our toy from us. Grow up and stop being a coward and sissy. Stand up for something, for God's sake!

You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything.

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