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Elected candidates at Swearing in Ceremony


web-imgp4455Greene Publishing, Inc. Photos By Carole Mitchell, November 21, 2016

Judge Bailey Browning asked the group to raise their right hand and place their left hand on the Bible to complete the swearing in process.

Carole Mitchell, Greene Publishing, Inc.

On Monday, Nov. 21, the courthouse bell chimed at 5 p.m. signaling the start of the Swearing in Ceremony for recently elected Madison, Fl. officials.  Rev. Sim Alexander gave the opening prayer.  Current and the out-going Clerk of Courts, Tim Sanders shared a stirring opening that began by acknowledging the courthouse bell.  Sanders praised the new elected officials while applauding outgoing candidates for a peaceful transfer of power.  The ceremony was for the swearing in of newly elected constitutional officers, county commissioners and school board members.

Constitutional Officers in attendance

Benjamin Stewart, Sheriff; Thomas “Tommy” Hardee, Supervisor of Elections; Karen Pickles, Superintendent of Schools; and Lisa Tuten, Tax Collector.

County Commissioners

Alston Kelley, District 1; Ronnie L. Moore, District 2; and Rick Davis, District 5.

School Board Members

Carol Gibson, District 2 and Reginald E. Daniels, District 4.

The Madison County Courthouse was filled with proud family members, friends and co-workers who were all smiles while taking photos to commemorate the event.  Please join Greene Publishing, Inc. in congratulating the newly elected officials serving the Madison community.

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