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Drew Brown answers the call to serve in Haiti

You might know Drew Brown. He was born and raised in Madison, his parents are Doug and Lynne Brown and the family attends First United Methodist Church of Madison. Drew graduated from Madison County High School in 2009. Like many kids living the small town life, he knew what the church routine was all about: the hymns, the handshakes, the dinners on the ground. He was saved at a young age, but Brown would soon learn that a relationship with Christ requires a whole lot more than Sunday morning motions. “I was saved at Warren B. Willis church camp at an early age,” said Brown. “Growing up in the church, it's easy to slip out of an active relationship with Jesus Christ and, when that happens, the way of the world often gets into the ways of Christianity. Speaking from experience, until you have an active relationship with Jesus you won’t be truly happy.” Drew experienced what true servitude was all about when he traveled to Haiti with a friend. “I first went to Haiti in 2010 after months of being badgered by my best friend, Chris Day, and really didn't know what to expect,” said Brown. “We went down about a month after the earthquake and the people, sights and smells are things that will never ever leave my memory; that's when God started working on my heart for what I'm doing now. Since then, I've been five more times and this most recent time is when God said, Okay Drew, time to serve here for more than a week, so I said Okay, here I am.” Drew will be staying in Haiti for nine months with RTS missions. According to RTS, they are currently focused on the Caribbean country of Haiti and reaching the future generations for Christ with an emphasis on orphaned and abandoned children. Because of the vast need in Haiti and the trust people have in RTS, they are able to lead teams gifted in all areas of service. They are consistently leading medical, construction, VBS, pastoral leadership and church planting teams. “I went with them (RTS) in 2012 and loved the emphasis they put on orphaned children and kids in general,” said Brown. “I will be staying at their guest house in Lascohobas, Haiti. RTS missions is one of the most respected and trusted Christian organizations in Haiti and I encourage everyone to go look at there website.” At you can donate to Drew by simply clicking the donate button at the top of the page and following the prompts. He is listed as Drew Brown-Field Missionary. “I believe going to a foreign country to serve God should be a must for high school age kids and college students,” said Brown. “Nothing will make you appreciate what God has blessed you with until you see people who have been forgotten by the rest of the world, and until you see what poor and hungry really means.”


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1: Photo Submitted. Drew Brown has traveled to Haiti five times. This time, he plans to stay for nine months.

2: Photo Submitted. RTS missions is currently focused on the Caribbean country of Haiti and reaching the future generations for Christ with an emphasis on orphaned and abandoned children.

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