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Donuts for Dads celebrated at local schools

Rick Patrick: Greene Publishing, Inc.

It has been said that anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a “dad.” Last week, a couple of local schools took the time to honor dads with “Donuts for Dads,” as part of the nation-wide “Dads Take Your Child to School Day.” “Dads Take Your Child to School Day” is an annual event that has been recognized locally for the last four years. According to Madison County Central School (MCCS) Principal, David Chambers the event has grown tremendously over the last years. “We had to move it into the gymnasium because we ran out of room in the cafeteria,” said Chambers.

Greene Publishing, Inc. Photo by Rick Patrick, September 27, 2017
Kevin Walker enjoyed having breakfast with his two grandsons, Isaac Williams (left) and Jayden Williams (right).

“Dads Take Your Child to School Day” was initiated in order to give dads a chance to get involved in their child's school. Often, it is the mother who handles most of the school-related activities. This special day gives dads an opportunity to see the school, meet the teachers, etc. Involvement from both parents can be an integral component in the success of a child's educational success.

At MCCS, there were an estimated 350-400 men who participated in the event on Wednesday, Sept. 27.

Pinetta Elementary School (PES) held their “Donuts for Dads” event on Friday, Sept. 29. According to PES Principal Amy Kendrick, they served nearly 20 dozen donuts from Johnson's Bakery to students and dads.

Both Kendrick and Chambers were happy to see such participation from so many caring dads. Chambers even shared a couple of donuts with students whose dads could not stay for breakfast. “I'm going to get fat eating all these donuts,” said Chambers with a laugh.

Greene Publishing, Inc. Photo by Rick Patrick, September 29, 2017
Gavin Hollingsworth (left) enjoyed having breakfast at Pinetta Elementary School with his dad Matt Hollingsworth.
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