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Dollar General comes to Pinetta


Greene Publishing, Inc. Photo By Ashley Hunter, October 24, 2016

A year ago, paperwork began with the hopes to see a Dollar General go up in Pinetta. After a year of filing for permits and permissions, the construction of a Dollar General in Pinetta began two months ago.  The Project Manager, Troy Underhill expects the completion of the building to fall sometime around mid-December. “If you drive past, it may look almost finished,” said Underhill, before adding there remains a lot of work to be done within the building as well as the landscaping and parking lot construction.  The framing and siding gives an impression that a lot more is completed than is the case. For Pinetta, which has relatively few shopping options, a Dollar General will provide the residents with a store that is closer, rather than having to travel to either Madison or into Clyattville for their basic needs.

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