District 2 City Commission Meeting

5.2.14 - District 2 Comm. Mtg - 001

5.2.14 – District 2 Comm. Mtg – 001

By Jessie R. Box

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District 2 City Commissioner Ina Thompson hosted a community meeting on Thursday, April 24, at Madison City Hall. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss concerns that citizens and business owners had. City Manager Tim Bennett, Police Chief Gary Calhoun and Fire Chief Bruce Jordan also attended the meeting.
Around twenty people attended the meeting with only a handful of people from Districts 2. The rest was from the other districts.
A citizen brought up the need for policing the 20 M.P.H. speed limit on Livingston Street going down to parallel to Hwy 53.  A different citizen brought up a concern for speeding on Bunker Street.
“I’d like to just take different sections of the city and look and see what signs are there. Do they still need to be there, some need to be cleaned up and some probably need to be taken down and some others need to be put up so just an overall survey of different areas so if you see a something like that in your area, let us know,” said Madison Police Chief Gary Calhoun.
A citizen mentioned a log truck that was parked on a lot at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Livingston Street.
“Concerning the log truck, I believe the log truck was parking somewhere else, we asked him to move,” said Bennett. “We’ve talked to him about parking his truck where he is currently parking. We’re trying to enforce regulations with a little common sense and compassions, so we will still go out and speak with the resident there and see what they can do about parking it somewhere else.”
A man brought up his concerns about drugs being sold in Madison. He said that he has been talking with the Police Chief for several years. He wanted the City to respond in writing about why there is nothing being done about the drug problem.
City Manager Tim Bennett addressed the man by stating that they have already answered his concerns through email but would resend the response to him.
A woman is concerned with paving her road Flag Street. According to Bennett, he is working on three road projects. One project on Valentine Street to fix the potholes, one on Flag Street to mill the road to fix the erosion problem and one on College Loop to repave the road.
City Manager Tim Bennett is currently working on five houses to demolish under a nuisance ordinance. A house on Dade Street will be taken down.
“I just wanted to use this forum to give compliments to the cleanup crew after Down Home Days,” said an attendant of the meeting. “It’s done quickly and efficiently and this is not the only time that this has happened.”
Bennett took note of the meeting attendants concerns about road conditions that could not be answered at the meeting so that he could address them when he had answers.
District 3 Commissioner Jim Catron is planning to host a community meeting in May.
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Jessie Box

Written by Jessie Box