Disc Golf Tournament Will Benefit Madison Youth Ranch

By Lynette Norris
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Disc golf?  Think of it as frisbee golf; instead of hitting a ball into a hole in the ground, the players throw frisbee-like discs into metal baskets.  The idea is much the same as in regular golf, to get through 18 holes/baskets with the fewest number of throws.  You won’t need clubs, but you’ll need discs, and you’ll need a good aim and an accurate throw.
This Saturday, May 10, you’ll have a chance to play disc golf in Madison County’s First Ever Disc Golf Tournament.
The fun starts at 8 a.m., with on-site registration at the Madison County Youth Ranch, 1647 Captain Buie Road, near Pinetta.  The $15 registration fee includes two rounds of 18 holes.  The temporary course will be set up through hundreds of wooded acres throughout the Madison Youth Ranch location.  You can play in an Open or Recreational Division.
Discs will be available to purchase, and lunch will be sold between rounds.
Proceeds from the tournament will benefit the children at the Madison Youth Ranch/Florida United Methodist Children’s Home.
For more information, contact Craig Wilson at (850) 508-4795 or email him at craig.wilson@flhealth.gov.
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Lynette Norris

Written by Lynette Norris