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Daylight Salon & Spa welcomes Ashley Skipper

In November of this year, Ashley Skipper began working at Daylight Salon & Spa as an Esthetician. Already having a handful of clients, Skipper helps clients reverse their wrinkles or take away their sun spots. "I find a lot of women around the age of 45 who do not know how to properly wash their face at night,” said Skipper. “You wear your face everyday, it's bound to age regardless, but not taking care of it will age it faster. It's my job to educate because the goal is to slow down the aging process, but I can't do it all by myself. A home care routine is a must in order to see any kind of results." Skipper identifies skin types and conditions and comes up with a custom prescription treatment plan for each client's skin. "The interesting thing is that everyone's skin is different and I'll never see the same skin twice,” said Skipper. She can tackle a wide range of skin care troubles, from stubborn blackheads, clogged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, sun and age spots, hyperpigmentation and even the peach fuzz hair on your face. "The neatest thing to me is helping the confidence level in these women,” said Skipper. “Lightening the appearance dark sun spots and helping smooth out acne scarring can seriously change a woman's life. This can be, and will be for me, a life-changing career." Her prices start at $40 and go up from there. She has plenty of tools to help with almost everything women complain about. While Skipper's thinking seems logical, some women still have a hard time understanding that esthetics isn't a magic pill. "Results take time. Think about it, you didn't have all that acne come and go in one day,” said Skipper. “So we aren't going to get rid of the scarring in one day. You didn't used to tan for one day and be tan all year. You tanned every day to keep a tan. It’s the same method with skin maintenance. It's just something people need to be able to identify as a 'need,' not so much as a 'want.' I want to relax woman of course, but I also want to have their skin looking the best it can." In August of 2014, she enrolled in Esthetic School at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College in Valdosta, Ga., where she then had training in make-up classes and Dermalogica classes. She graduated the following year in 2015. "I knew from the first day of Esthetic school that I wanted to be on the medical side more than the spa side,” said Skipper. “Working beside a M.D. one day would be legit." Skipper first passed her State Boards in the state of Georgia in October when she was 19 years old. She stayed for a week in Atlanta, Ga. and attended a Medi-clinical Certification Class at Institute DERMed' College of Advance Aesthetics. She was taught by Master Esthetician, Lyn Ross who is also the founder and CEO of her professional clinical skin care line, the same line that Skipper uses as her back bar today in the treatment room at Daylight Salon & Spa. "In school we had Institute DERMed' products so I know them really well,” said Skipper. “The ingredients are amazing for quick results and Lyn Ross is a brainiac to create them." While at the class in Atlanta, Skipper had no idea Anna Davis, owner of Daylight Salon & Spa, was going to be attending the same class. "I was really shocked when I saw Anna there in class! I found it comforting to see somebody from Madison when only 10 people in the U.S. can attend at a time," said Skipper. So as the two of them were both getting their education on, Davis offered Skipper a position at Daylight Salon & Spa in order to get started in the field. "I felt like it was way too much of a coincidence to not accept the job,” said Skipper. “What better way to get started than treating the women of my hometown?" Along with her position at the spa, Skipper still works at the Busy Bee and after four years; she knows a huge selection of the community. "I'm always analyzing skin while working the register, knowing I could be a miracle worker for most people's skin," said Skipper. While still working for the Busy Bee and Daylight Salon & Spa, Skipper went back to school in early October at Wiregrass for her laser certification. She completed laser training and currently has her Laser License pending with the Georgia Composite Medical Board. Skipper's future plans is to open up her own practice one day called The Skin Care Clinic in Valdosta, Ga. "I want to build my clientele up here in my hometown and hopefully one day branch out onto my own,” said Skipper. “I have to prove myself first, in a lot of ways." Skipper would like to personally thank her mother for all she has done and continues to do. She loves her beyond the stars. Come visit Skipper and the rest of the staff at Daylight Salon & Spa, located at 178 SW Range Ave. For more information, call (850) 973-8998.

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